Transform patient outcomes with the most extensive ADHD online training available!

Become the go-to ADHD expert in your community with the most extensive, certified ADHD online training available! Learn how to treat the root cause of ADHD and help your patients find lasting wellness. Join Dr. James Greenblatt for a 10-week, hands-on functional medicine training where you’ll get direct guidance on real patient cases, the intricacies of lab testing, personalized treatments and more.

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Functional & Integrative Medicine for ADHD Practitioner Course

This in-depth, nine-module course introduces Dr. James Greenblatt’s breakthrough Plus/Minus Treatment Plan (as outlined in his bestseller, Finally Focused) for ADHD patients, while also providing a extensive overview of the individual biochemistry that contributes to this disorder. Treatment strategies, such as addressing specific vitamin, mineral and amino acid deficiencies, will be discussed as supplementation or an alternative to medication. Dr. Greenblatt also examines the impact of ultra-processed foods, food allergies, the gut-brain axis, probiotics and OPCs, as additional targeted treatment avenues for treating ADHD.

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The New England Conference on ADHD

Held in Manchester, NH in 2017, the “New England Conference on ADHD” features a number of today’s most prominent experts on functional and integrative psychiatry. This webinar includes five lectures, including the Q & A portion, on the subject of functional medicine approaches to ADHD.

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2021 Child & Adolescent Online Symposium

Mental health and neurological conditions are reaching alarming levels in children and teens across the globe. The COVID-19 pandemic has only intensified mental health challenges among children and teens, especially when it comes to adolescent depression, anxiety, PTSD, grief and suicidal ideation. Research has found that rates of suicide in 2016 among teenagers were 48% higher than in 2000–a concerning pre-pandemic statistic alone. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, rates of mental health problems in children and adolescents were concerning (Whitney 2019). To make matters worse, prescribing medications to children for mental health conditions is common, yet effectiveness is exceedingly poor. And unfortunately, for many mental health disorders, there are no approved medications for core symptoms.

Watch a groundbreaking 2-day symposium from November 6-7, 2021, featuring renowned clinical experts as they share cutting-edge integrative research and evidence-based treatment protocols. Topics range from treating nutritional deficiencies, to hormonal imbalances, gut flora problems and toxicities, to genetic defects and more.

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