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The Breakthrough Natural Treatment Plan for ADHD

Based on the award winning book by James Greenblatt, MD and Bill Gottlieb, CHC. Finally Focused is a personalized treatment approach that has helped both children and parents restore attention, minimize hyperactivity, and eliminate the side effects of drugs.

About The Book

ADHD is not a discipline problem. It is a medical condition with a range of possible underlying causes unique to each child. It is a genetically-caused neurological disorder that can be controlled with medications. However, to really heal, the ADHD child needs individualized treatment to correct the unique biologic imbalances that affect the brain and trigger symptoms.

Written by a leading functional psychiatrist who has treated thousands of ADHD cases, Finally Focused provides a comprehensive solution to the ADHD child’s unique biochemical imbalances. It is the first book to explore, identify, and resolve the real causes of ADHD. Finally Focused offers parents clinically proven solutions that can help children recover from ADHD and thrive.

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Download the introduction to the groundbreaking book, Finally Focused, and learn more about the natural treatment plan by Dr. James Greenblatt.

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